Flying At An Altitude Of 400 Feet With A Drone

I hope that one day you can experience soaring above the skies with either a plane, quadcopter or the standard drone. You’ll get to experience a view that few can experience and trust me when I say, it’s a ton of fun. However, it’s not the kind of fun that you’d imagine. After all, once you’re in the air, things become quite smooth and you don’t have to worry about running into trees or anything else. You can just coast and drift, admiring the scenery.


The only thing you’ll want to pay attention to when soaring in the air with your drone is the power and signal level. Ignore either one of these and you’ll either lose your drone or crash it so hard into the pavement that you won’t recognize it. Yep, if you’re flying a drone at those altitudes and you run out of juice, it will come crashing down faster than you can say quad-copter.

In terms of range, most radios that allow for such ranges come with proper telemetry which will give you ample warning when the signal drops below an acceptable level. Do not ignore these warnings as they might be the last thing you hear. I think it might be everyone’s fear to invest a ton of money into building a drone, only to have it fly away until the battery runs out.

For situations like these, I would strongly recommend installing a GPS tracking device which would, in theory, allow you to at least find the wreckage. (Assuming it survives the decent… which, if you’re flying at 400 feet, it probably wouldn’t). With today’s drones, you can reach speeds of 60km/h which means that you could easily travel a few clicks in the event of a radio signal malfunction.


Fortunately, this is relatively rare and you can more than enjoy flying within line of sight distances. (Line of sight distances being what you can see with your naked eye). Not only is this safer but in many cases, this is the only way you should be flying (If you don’t have telemetry, if you have poor signal strength, etc).


So get out there, either pick up a high end drone or build one yourself for half the price and soar like a bird. It’s only a matter of time before the FCC comes up with a bunch of rules and regulations that ruin our fun (Yes, I know, for the safety of people and the greater good). Until then, I’m going to enjoy flying in as many places as I can legally go!